District Attorney John Hummel launched the DeschutesSafe initiative in June 2015 with the convening of a community wide advisory group that would study and evaluate crime and safety issues within Deschutes County. This 30 member team made up of law enforcement, health care providers, the Courts, business owners, students, social service and education experts, as well as individual citizens took a data drive approach to objectively assess crime problems within our community.

Through this intensive process, the group identified the top five most pressing problems our community was facing -- theft, drugs, DUII, assault, and sexual assault. The team then took a deeper dive into the data and determined that recidivism associated with drug crimes was having the biggest impact. Their analysis was enhanced by receiving a Bureau of Justice (BJA) technical assistance grant that provided the group with access to leading criminal justice research experts to assist them in the process. This additional expertise provided the team with a better understanding of our community’s drug problem, and ultimately laid the foundation for developing a plan that will help Deschutes County change its current drug crime trajectory.


After the internal analysis was complete, the DeschuteSafe Advisory Group wanted to know what the residents of Deschutes County felt was the biggest issue and did it match with what the data was telling us. To solicit community member opinions a countywide survey created and DA Hummel hosted a series of public meetings.

Combining the knowledge gained through the advisory group’s research and the information collected through the community’s input, DA Hummel began to craft an evidence-based plan to address Deschutes County’s drug crime problem.

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