1. Who is the prosecutor? Is (s)he different than the district attorney?
2. Do I need to hire an attorney to press charges against someone?
3. Do I have to pay the prosecutor?
4. What’s the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?
5. Who is the complainant?
6. Who is the defendant?
7. Do I have to go to every court procedure (all the court hearings)?
8. What is a plea bargain? Are they good or bad for me?
9. What is Court ordered “no contact”?
10. What is third party contact?
11. What is the difference between a Family Abuse Prevention restraining order (FAPA) and the “no contact” provision of the conditional release?
12. Will these orders really protect me?
13. What is a Victim Impact Statement?
14. I can’t make it to court, what should I do?
15. I want to press or drop charges what can I do?
16. What is restitution?
17. What is Crime Victim Compensation?
18. Can I sue a defendant for my crime-related losses?
19. What’s the difference between civil and criminal court?
20. What is Expungement or Motion to Set Aside?
21. What do I do if I get subpoenaed to appear in court?
22. How is a police officer involved use of deadly force incident investigated?

23. My loved one passed, who is the Medical Examiner and why is the case being reviewed by the DA?