Crime Victim's Rights

As a crime victim in Oregon, you have legal rights. Many of these rights go into effect automatically and can be found in the "Victims' Rights Guide. (Oregon Constitution Article 1, Section 42-Rights of victims in criminal prosecutions and juvenile court delinquency proceedings). When a case is charged (filed in criminal court) you must request some rights before they go into effect. The rights listed below are the ones that must be requested. A victim, the victim's attorney or if the victim requests, the (deputy) District Attorney at his/her discretion, may assert and enforce these rights on the victims behalf [Oregon Constitution Art. 1, Sec. 42(4)].

If you change your mind and decide that you do want to exercise rights that you didn't yet request, please contact us at the number below and we will work with you to exercise the rights if that is still possible.

 The District Attorney's Office may require your participation if your case goes to trial even if you do not wish to receive additional information about the rights or to exercise them.

If you would like to request rights please download a Victim Rights Notificaion form by clicking here - after printing the form, check the box in front of any of the rights you are requesting then return the form immediately to: Victims’ Assistance, 1164 NW Bond St., Bend, OR 97701 or fax to 541-330-4698, email or call 541-388-6525. 

You may request:

  • To be notified in advance of any critical stage of the case heard in open court. [Oregon Constitution Art.1, Sec. 42(1)(A)]
  • In a violent felony case, that the (deputy) district attorney consult with you before making a plea offer and before entering into a final plea agreement.[Oregon Const. Art 1, Sec 42(1)(f)] [ORS 147.512(2)(a)]
  • That your address and telephone number be withheld from the defendant. [ORS 135.970(1)]
  • To be notified in advance about release hearings. [ORS 135.245(5)(b)(A) ORS 144.260(3)]
  • To be notified in advance about probation revocation hearings. [ORS 137.545(11)(a)]
  • If the crime involved the transmission of body fluids, testing of the defendant for HIV and other communicable diseases. (ORS 135.139)
  • In a DUII automobile collision case, that information about the case given to the defendant is also shared with you. (ORS 135.857)
  • To limit copying or distribution of visual or audio recordings of sexual conduct by a child or invasion of personal privacy. [ORS 135.873(5) & (6)]
  • To allow no coverage of sex offense proceedings by media using television, photography or recording equipment. (UTCR 3.180)
  • To have as a special condition of post-prison supervision that the person convicted of a sex crime in your case (for certain crimes) not live within three miles of your home if you were younger than 18 years old when the crime occurred (exceptions may apply). [ORS 137.540(4)(a), 144.102(4)(c)(A),144.270(4)(c)(A)]
  • Ongoing involvement in any court actions that happen after the conviction such as appeal, post-conviction or federal habeas proceedings including, but not limited to:

Reasonable, accurate and timely notice from the Department of Justice when an appeal, post-conviction or federal habeas proceeding is started; to attend and be heard at certain public hearings related to the proceedings; to consult with the state and receive other details of the case and my participation by contacting the Department of Justice; and to be informed by the Department of Justice of the outcome of the proceedings. (ORS 138.627, 144.750, 147.433, 147.438, 161.326, 419C.531)

For further victim rights information:

Victims' Rights Information After Conviction (Adult)

To request certain rights after a criminal conviction, you must provide contact information to:

  • Deschutes County community corrections agency if the offender is supervised locally (on probation).
  • The Oregon Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision (503-945-0907) if the offender is incarcerated in the state prison system, or
  • The Oregon Psychiatric Security Review Board (503-229-5596) or the State Hospital Review Panel (503-945-2800) if the offender is found Guilty Except for Insanity (GEI).

VINE (Victim Information Notification Everyday), a victim notification system, gives victims of crime 24 hour access to information about all in-custody adult offenders, as well as youth offenders in the Oregon Youth Authority facilities.  The custody information in adult cases includes:

  • The location of custody
  • Changes in parole or probation status
  • Release information
  • Transfer information
  • Notification of escapes
  • Notification of death
  • Notice of some court appearances

To ensure notification, you must register with VINE service by calling 1-877-674-8463 or by going to  (To be notified in advance of certain juvenile review hearings, contact your county’s juvenile department at 541-388-6671).

To be notified when someone in the custody of the Department of Corrections is scheduled to be released or you want to be notified 30 days in advance of hearings, contact Victim Services for the Oregon Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision  at 503-945-0907. (These hearings occur only in certain adult criminal cases).

If the defendant is under the authority of the Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB) or the State Hospital Review Panel (SHRP), you may be notified in advance of hearings or when the defendant is released, discharged or escapes by contacting the Oregon Psychiatric Security Review Boards at 503-229-5596 or the SHRP at 503-945-2800. If you want to be notified as soon as possible of an escape, notify the facility where the defendant is committed.

You can request information about registered sex offenders by calling the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Information at 503-378-3725 x44429

After conviction, to confirm that you are signed up to receive Department of Justice Post-Conviction Program services for any ongoing legal actions contact 503-378-5348.

If your rights are not honored, you can assert a claim of violation of crime victims' rights.  There are time limits for this right. For additional rights information please go to