Restitution is payment made by the offender for medical, counseling, property loss/damage, lost wages or other expenses incurred to the victim as a result of a criminal act. During sentencing, restitution can be ordered as part of the judgment or part of the offender's probation. It is the Court's decision how much, if any, restitution is ordered. The amount is usually based on information provided by the victim.  Typically the Judge may establish a payment schedule at sentencing. The Judge may also order a compensatory fine as a penalty for a crime that injures the victim. 

The defendant makes payments to the Deschutes County Circuit Court.  The Court then mails a check to the victim. In some cases the offender is ordered to pay several other fees and fines.  State law determines the order in which the Court divides the money paid by the offender.

If restitution has been ordered by the court and you are not receiving payments please call the Deschutes County Courts at 541-388-5300 and they can assist you or call Victims' Assistance 541-388-6525.  If the offender does not make payments the Judge could order that collection be turned over to the Oregon Dept. of Revenue (DOR) if the offender resides in Oregon.  DOR may garnish wages, bank accounts and withhold tax refunds etc. Please keep the Courts informed of address/phone changes.

Filing a claim for restitution does not impair a victim's right to sue or recover damages from the offender in a civil case or from applying for crime victims' compensation. Restitution claims can include insurance deductibles and any other payments that were not covered by an insurance company.

Click here to download the Restitution form to file a claim on an open case prior to sentencing. Complete the form and return it to:

District Attorney's Office- Victims' Assistance Program
1164 NW Bond St.
Bend, OR 97701
Fax: (541) 330-4698

Important Notice: Please include the case number when filing a claim.