Deschutes County District Attorney's

DUII Victim Impact Panel


What is it?

The DUII Victim Impact Panel is a two hour presentation facilitated by the Victims' Assistance Program where presenters talk about the effects and impacts of impaired driving. Presenters include Victim(s) of DUII crashes, a Deputy District Attorney discussing Oregon law and the consequences (they cannot discuss your specific case or give legal advice) and a Law Enforcement Official discussing their role pertaining to impaired drivers and community safety.  The presentation may include graphic material.


Why is it offered?

The panel was formed to influence offenders to make different choices about driving if they are impaired.


Who is required to attend?

Defendants charged with DUII who are convicted or enter into a diversion agreement are required to attend.  Guests can attend if there is room and are subject to the same rules as those required to attend. No one under the age of 14 may attend.


When is it?

The program is held the last Wednesday of every month from 6pm-8pm.  Doors close at 6pm- NO LATE ENTRY.  If you leave during the presentation you will not be allowed back in and will have to attend another time. DUII VIP Schedule 2014


How much is it and where do I register?

The cost is $40.00…… CASH or MONEY ORDER ONLY. You must register at the District Attorney’s Office (1164 NW Bond, Bend, OR  97701) prior to the panel.  You cannot register or pay at the time of the panel presentation.


Where is the presentation located?

1300 NW Wall the main Deschutes County Services building.  This building is located directly off of Lafayette near the Parkway. Please bring some form of picture ID.


Additional Rules:

  • No smoking
  • Phones must be turned off (no texting or social networking)
  • Anyone who has been drinking or who is being disruptive will be asked to leave

Proof of attendance will be provided at the end of the program.  You are responsible for providing that proof to the court or treatment provider.  If you lose your receipt (proof of attendance) there is a replacement fee of $5.00.

For questions please call Victims’ Assistance at 541-388-6525.